Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dashing Drush!

Drush is a feature of Drupal, that really shines. If you have used scripts to automate small administration jobs you will understand how useful this is in your toolkit.

Things you can do with drush:
1. Download drupal, download and install modules
2. Enable/Disable and uninstall modules
3. Run cron
4. clear cache
and much more.

We all know how incredibly helpful drush can be, i am not going to write about this. Rather how to make drush working correctly on windows environment. Drush works best on linux, however a lot of developers use windows machine, and face a little bit of a challenge.

Below is the list of things you have to do to make drush work well on windows. I have used the steps below to configure drush on my wamp machine.


Using Wodby (drupal4docker) to create our local development environment.

Using Wodby https://wodby.com  to create a Drupal local development environment using docker. I have used the official Drupal ...