Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Drupal 5 and CKEditor

FCKEditor has had its hey days, worked well with drupal as well, but it was bloated and slow. Then came the CKEditor, shiny new and fast gui editor. There is a drupal 6 & 7 module for CKeditor, but the module for drupal 5 is missing.

Understandaby, we dont want no one to use drupal 5 any more... however there are still some legacy systems using drupal 5, like the one i am currently working on. upgrading to drupal 6 is not straight forward and requires approvals and budgets from tons of people.

The next obvious option is to write a custom quick fix to make drupal 5 work with ckeditor, ckeditor and drupal 5 works out of the box with wyiwyg module but unfortunately only works on drupal defined or cck defined content types, if the content type is defined programatically - it doesnt work with those textareas.

Hence a need for a custom module like the ones available for drupal 5 & 6. There may be a work around i am thinking but havent yet got time to get around to trying. I plan to use hook_form_alter() to insert a filter element on the forms and try to get ckeditor work like that. May be people have tried this earlier and it is working, but a google search did not find any thing promising.

I do not have a capacity to currently write a contributed module for ckeditor, but would like a quick fix. Will post later it i am successful.

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