Friday, 14 October 2011

Does NoSQL means you forget everything you learnt at RDBMS school?

I found it interesting to see how to integrate NoSQL, but more interesting was to unlearn somethings i learnt through years of training - denormalise! Normalisation was the term that made rdbms, good normalisation design was supposed to be a hallmark of a good database designer. But NoSQL is different, forget joins forget collecting data from 10 different tables NoSQL is radically different and the best part is it works for very large datasets, is distributed, and some very big installations like twitter, amazon and others mean if you don't look at this seriously soon you will be in trouble.

Drupal by itself doesn't support NoSQL out of the box and you don't throw away mysql yet, there is a module (cassandra) that was recently added on which is worth checking, One possible way of integrating with drupal is using a nosql may be casandra or mongodb with your entities, infact this is one of the best things of entities, your fields can live in a separate database altogether and still integrate with drupal sub system.

I plan to put a mongodb/entities/drupal integration on the blog soon, as soon as i get some time away from some projects i am working on.

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